INTERREG EUROPE – NOTRE – Novel Methods Improving Production Innovation Potential with Examples of Senior care-related Solutions

NOTRE supports the improvement of each partner’s regional new product development policies, based on the example of innovations related to the care of the elderly. NOTRE also develop testing infrastructures for product validity and relevance.


  • Improving policy instruments targeting ‘healthy ageing related innovation’ is the overall goal of the project;
  • to contribute to exchange of experience and knowledge in setting up and operating test and experimentation environment for seniors’ product and service development;
  • to create a network of internationally connected test facilities and households enabling unique, international product validation environment for SMEs and;
  • to develop new policy instrument or improve existing ones helping SMEs with more successful new product launches.


Concept of the project:

In each partner country (Hungary, Finland, France, Spain, Romania, Italy and Ireland) there is as a policy instrument which aims to support highly digitalized new product and service development for SMEs. Within the framework of NOTRE partners dedicate their efforts to support new product development policy improvement, based on the example of senior care-related innovation, applying a test infrastructure for product validity and relevance.

Following the exchange of experience, participating regions, countries dedicate their efforts to innovate their respective new product/new service instrument with components referring to test and validation environment or any additional input gained during the learning phase.

Partners policy institutions, business intermediaries or health and care sector service providers, with a similar goal.

It is to apply a strategy for building highly digitalized test and demonstration infrastructures, targeting new products and services launched for seniors.

Project start: 01 Mars 2023

Duration: 4 years

Budget : 2 123 400 €

Pilot partner :  Pannon Business Network Association – Hungary

  • Ministry of Finance – Hungary
  • SeAMK – Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences – Finland
  • Eurasanté – France
  • Hauts-de-France Region – France
  • San Sebastian Socio-Economic Developement Agency – Spain
  • North-West Regional Development Agency – Romania
  • CNA Emilia-Romagna – Italy
  • Regione Emilia-Romagna – Italy
  • Regional Council of South-Ostrobothni – Finland
  • ECHAlliance – Ireland

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With the support of the European Regional Development Fund