The Eurasanté Bio-Business Park is located at the heart of the leading hospital-university campus in Europe: CHU de Lille.

Eurasanté Bio-business Park’s proximity to Lille University Hospital research laboratories fosters the emergence of innovative activities in the health sector. It offers a unique opportunity for numerous companies to grow while benefiting from the services of internationally renowned technological platforms available on the campus.

  • 12 hospitals
  • 17,000 healthcare professionals
  • 50 research centres
  • 1,800 researchers
  • 4 universities
  • 8 paramedical schools
  • 22,000 students
  • 205 companies
  • 3,800 employees

The companies operating at Eurasanté Park boast outstanding expertise in the following fields:

  • medical facilities and hospital engineering
  • specialised services
  • biotechnology
  • pharmaceuticals
  • nutrition and metabolic diseases
  • digital health and telemedicine