The Senior Eco-Nect partners visit the Galician ecosystem

In November, the final ecosystem visit within the Senior Eco-Nect initiative occurred in Galicia, Spain, organized by the Galician Health Cluster (CSG) in conjunction with the project’s Mid-term Event and Forum RIES (#RIES23), a global gathering addressing challenges and opportunities in health ecosystems.

The visit commenced on November 6th in Lleida, where partners, accompanied by a delegation from Scotland, engaged in the Immersive 24H Experience at Gran3dad’s care home, a distinguished case highlighted in the project’s handbook.

On the following day, partners toured the Galician Regional Health Department, welcomed by Sofía López, General Director of Planning and Health Reform, followed by a visit to CEGADI, an intermediate care facility housing a rehabilitation center and a prospective Living Lab, situated in Santiago de Compostela.

Subsequently, the consortium journeyed to Vigo, visiting the Living Lab AFAGA, featuring a showroom from the ITGALL network and discussions on sports and exercise initiatives shared between CSG and the Galician Sports Cluster. Later, the Senior Eco-Nect partners explored Atendo Senior Living, gaining insights into their project, followed by an internal project meeting to wrap up the day.

November 8th marked the commencement of #RIES23. Before the Senior Eco-Nect Mid-Term Event at 16:00h, participants enjoyed a social outing with a boat excursion along the Vigo Estuary and a Business Lunch. The event attracted an enthusiastic audience, sharing outcomes and achievements. The day concluded with the #RIES23 Gala Dinner, during which CSG recognized the two best practice cases from Galicia featured in the handbook.

The final day of the event focused on #RIES23 keynotes, roundtable discussions, agoras, and project presentations, all revolving around innovative care ecosystems, the central theme of the year, closely aligned with the Senior Eco-Nect project.

Pictures by CSG

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