Can-Fite Enters Projected $3 Billion Veterinary Osteoarthritis Market: Signs Agreement with Vetbiolix for Development of Piclidenoson for Pets

 Can-Fite BioPharma Ltd. (NYSE American: CANF) (TASE:CFBI), a biotechnology company advancing a pipeline of proprietary small molecule drugs that address inflammatory, cancer and liver diseases, today announced it has signed a development and commercialization agreement with Vetbiolix, a France-based veterinary biotech company, for the development of Piclidenoson for the treatment of osteoarthritis in companion animals including dogs and cats. 

Vetbiolix will have the exclusive right to Piclidenoson in the veterinary osteoarthritis market for two years, during which time Vetbiolix will conduct proof-of-concept studies and cover all associated costs. If the studies yield positive data and Vetbiolix exercises its option to obtain the license from Can-Fite, then Vetbiolix will be obligated to pay Can-Fite upfront and milestone payments, in addition to royalties on sales upon regulatory approval for veterinary use.

The canine osteoarthritis market is projected to reach $3 billion by 2024. According to Grand View Research, the broader global companion animal health market is estimated at a value of $20 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow to $27 billion by 2028.

drugs (NSAIDs) which only treat symptoms and carry significant harmful side effects, and an injectable disease modifying osteoarthritis drug (DMOAD) that targets the progression of the disease. Piclidenoson, an oral drug that has a favorable safety profile in humans and in animal studies, offers a potentially safe and effective oral treatment for canine osteoarthritis.

“The veterinary market is a significant opportunity where our drugs may have an impact. Both the size of the market and the shorter timelines to regulatory approval have the potential to result in milestone and royalty revenues for Can-Fite. We believe Piclidenoson’s safety and efficacy data in over 1,000 humans, as well as preclinical data from small animals, indicate it may offer relief to the growing number of companion animals with osteoarthritis,” stated Can-Fite VP of Business Development, Dr. Sari Fishman.

Matthieu Roquette, President at Vetbiolix commented, “The quality of preclinical and clinical data generated by Can-Fite on Piclidenoson and its pharmacological profile make this highly selective A3 Adenosine Receptor Agonist a drug candidate likely to meet the unmet veterinary medical need to date in the management of osteoarthritis pathology in dogs and cats. Moreover, the mechanism of action of Piclidenoson makes this product a strong candidate for a large spectrum of inflammatory disease indications affecting Pets. We are aiming to enter in veterinary regulatory development by the end of 2022 based on clinical proof of concept data we will generate within the next 12 months.”

In 2019, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued to the Can-Fite patent #10,265,337 titled “Use of A3 Adenosine Receptor Agonist in Osteoarthritis Treatment” for Piclidenoson in the treatment of osteoarthritis in mammals. 



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