COSME – LEAP-BIO – IP Licensing intermediary services for EArly stage assets in Pharma & BIOtech

The main goal of the project is to leverage the extensive expertise and networks of the consortium to develop an early-stage focused IP licensing intermediary service for biopharma SMEs and startup companies in the target regions – mainly Portugal, France, and Italy but also Spain and the Wallonian region in Belgium. LEAP-BIO aims at bridging the gap between southern and central and northern European regions in licensing and partnering associated with early-stage assets, driving the growth of the small and medium biopharma companies in such regions and contributing to a more competitive European biopharma industry at a global level.

The specific objectives of Leap-Bio are the following:

  • Establish strategies and tools to facilitate the licensing of early-stage assets in the biopharma industry
  • Identify and characterise licensing interests from the top 50 global pharma companies, and well-financed, public listed European biotech companies
  • Identify early-stage assets matching the licensing interests of leading biopharma players
  • Improve the matchmaking process with the combination of digital tools and face-to-face partnering events
  • Support the negotiation of licence agreements of early-stage IP assets
  • Establish a sustainable IP licensing intermediary service of early-stage assets
  • Promote the use of IP Licensing intermediary services – in particular via digital tools – and disseminate best practices to target audiences: Mapping and analysis of existing tools, lessons learned, and good practices

In this project and as a coordinator, Eurasanté is in charge of the management, the communication, dissemination, and exploitation activities, and the development of services to match IP licensing interests with early stage assets in biopharma through the combination of a digital platform and the  major life science partnering event BioFIT.

Duration : 18 months (01/09/2022 – 28/02/2024)

Budget : €400k


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