ERASMUS+ – TAST’AGE – Transnational Approach to professional Skills development and vocational Training on better nutrition and prevention of malnutrition in the AGEing population.

Tast’age aims to provide professional training on the challenge of preventing and combating malnutrition to professionals working with the ageing population.

Project objectives:

  • To provide high quality training to better address malnutrition in people over 65;
  • To provide open and flexible access to learning and training materials and best practices to improve their practices;
  • To encourage transnational and multidisciplinary exchanges between partners from different countries and expertise in the face of common challenges.

To achieve these objectives, the TAST’AGE project will focus on the following 4 activities:

  • Design and development of professional training modules on the theme of malnutrition in the elderly;
  • Implementation of the training modules in the form of pilot “face-to-face” sessions of the training modules in each partner country and a MOOC;
  • Create a digital toolkit of best practices so that beneficiaries have access to resources on the topic;
  • Communicate and disseminate widely the project and its results and prepare their exploitation.

Duration: 36 months (01/09/2022 – 31/08/2025)

Budget : 250k €


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This project is co-funded by the European Union through the Erasmus+ Programme.

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