A programme adapted to the maturity of each project

Entrepreneurs, researchers, and healthcare professionals: do you have a first proof of concept of your innovative idea and are you ready to create your company? Apply for our Incubation programme!

During this support cycle, you will have all of Eursanté’s expertise at your fingertips to support you in your first steps as an entrepreneur, in particular, to:

  • Consolidate your business’s economic growth in France and Europe;
  • Accelerate market access;
  • Prepare your second or third round of financing;
  • Expand your team and improve your management skills (talent recruitment, leadership, internal organisation, corporate culture, etc.).

A tailored support programME

  • one-on-one coaching
  • partner network
  • workshops and training
  • experience Sharing field experiments

All our programmes are open to international entrepreneurs and start-ups willing to establish a meaningful presence in Northern France.

Our softlanding package

  • Test the French and European markets.
  • Boost your development and the establishment of your business in France.
  • Become part of the regional healthcare community.
  • Meet multiple potential business and scientific partners to quickly establish a productive and profitable business.
  • Benefit from dedicated support and mentoring to start your business.

An incubator dedicated to the healthy ageing sector

In response to the challenges of an ageing world population, many initiatives have been launched to structure clusters around the ageing sector to foster innovation in this field.

Many general and health incubators exist, offering support for AgeTech projects. However, AgeTech project leaders need targeted support to refine their offer in response to the many needs to be met, to consolidate their business model, and to establish themselves in a highly competitive market. These projects also have a strong need for experimentation and co-construction with potential users as well as to test their business model in this sector where the solvency of demand is complex.

2020 revealed new needs to break the isolation of seniors while preserving their health. As such, this health crisis offers new opportunities for project leaders wishing to launch their own business. This dynamic is also part of a favourable context linked to the creation of a new branch dedicated to autonomy in the French Social Security system, with a 2021 budget of 31.6 billion euros to support the autonomy of the elderly or disabled.





Tania Griglio
Tania Griglio