Ama, our grandmother’s nanny, passed on to us her passion for healthy and gourmet cuisine, sustainable and reasonable. It brightened daily life with simple local and good raw materials, as if by magic.

After 25 years of communication, 15 years of Asia, my first entrepreneurial experience, I passed my CAP Pâtisserie to professionalize and transmit this heritage to as many people as possible.

Today, we all have at heart to do like Ama: brighten our daily life with healthy and simple gourmet pleasures. But we don’t have the time, the courage, the know-how, the place or the culture, especially when it comes to make pastries. So we continue to consume products that we are not always proud of.

The magic of AMA Pâtissière: Digitize pastry craft at the service of a gourmet pleasure, simple and healthy.