EAL² – Jobs for a sustainable feeding

Objective: The EAL² project – local food entrepreneur /employee – aims to increase employment and employability in sustainable food trade by developing cross-border training programs, support services and networking.

To achieve this, EAL² is designed around four main steps:

  • Based on the needs of the market, identify jobs that need to be developed and anticipate their evolutions to adapt existing trainings and create the missing units;
  • Optimize job seekers’ chances to succeed through personalised training;
  • Provide support and advice towards employment or business creation;
  • Facilitate the meeting of supply and demand in the job market.

Actions carried out by Eurasanté / Euralimentaire :

Euralimentaire will be involved in the implementation of entrepreneur training programs and enabling meetings between employees/employers. It will bring its vision, skills, and network of partners in sustainable innovation in the food industry.

Euralimentaire will position itself as a support partner on all the actions of the project.

Duration: 36 months

Website: https://eal2.eu/

Planning: From 01/01/2020 to 31/12/2022

Overall budget: 1 351 554,14 €

ERDF : 675 777,05 €


  • A Petits PAS – France
  • AREFIE – France
  • CARAH – Belgium
  • EPLEFPA de Douai- France
  • FOREM – Belgium
  • Groupe One – Belgium
  • Hainaut Développement – Belgium
  • Initiatives paysannes – France